Tips on selling your home

Are you thinking of selling your home? At Premier Property Management, we take our role as your agent incredibly seriously and are conscious that steps can be taken to make a sale stress-free and more successful. Some agents really go to town in recommending many costly steps are taken to improve a property and, in most cases, this is unnecessary. A few simple inexpensive measures can however be implemented.

First impressions count

Most buyers form their first impressions of a house as soon as they arrive. Spend time improving ‘kerb appeal’ and by tidying up the outside of the house. Consider freshening up the front door and window sills and make sure that the house name or number is visible so the property is easy to find. Remember to take the bins away. 

Spring clean 

Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated. If a property is a tip then an agent is going to need a magic wand to achieve a sale. Make your home really tidy and pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic. 


It is a well-known tip but it is important. Clutter can make your home appear smaller and messier and distract a prospective buyer. Move unnecessary furniture into the garage or attic or move it away from the property altogether. Remember double bedrooms add more value than single bedrooms. Jammed cupboards will also leave a prospective purchaser with the impression of a lack of storage space. 

Finish those DIY jobs 
  We all have those little jobs to do which we try to put off but do make an effort to fix all   problems before marketing. A well-kept garden, fencing and pathway are immediately appealing and freshening up paintwork with neutral colours can pay dividends. Kitchens and bathrooms are important but don’t go overboard – painting the doors of kitchen units and replacing handles and taps can make a simple difference. In the bathrooms, replacing avocado or pink suites may be worthy of consideration but a bathroom can be easily revitalised with plants, new shower curtains or screens and big fluffy towels! Do not go mad however as it is very easy to overdo it. 

Make your home anonymous 

Potential buyers want to see the property as their potential home and it is important to remove emotion from the selling process by putting away any personal and symbolic items that may distract. To prevent rooms looking to bland however, consider using strong colours for cushions and accessories.

Get your property on the straight and narrow 

A third of property sales fall through often because of unforeseen problems. Once a sale has been agreed, delays in completing the legal formalities can lead to cold feet and the risk that the purchaser may spot another property. Instruct a local conveyancing solicitor at an early stage and try and ensure that planning and title issues are resolved before a sale is agreed. Cheaper national conveyancing legal firms may seem good value but often a local solicitor who knows the locality and even possibly the property can be much more proactive in ensuring a sale is achieved. Do not give your purchaser an excuse to back out! 

Make your home easy to see

A property will not sell if potential purchasers can not view. Be flexible about timing even if it’s inconvenient. We will accompany all viewings but sometimes that can be difficult – it is not unknown for prospective buyers to phone to arrange a viewing whilst sitting outside the property hoping that it can take place in 5 minutes! Assisting in viewings to suit the potential buyer’s demands is worthwhile. And remember, if you have pet, it is much better if they are on a walk when a viewing takes place. If issues arise from feedback on viewings then make sure these are addressed. 

First impressions in marketing count too 

We spend so much time ensuring that properties are properly presented on websites and that sale particulars are informative, professional and show a property off in the best possible light. Our details are printed at no extra cost to the seller and include floor plans, a critique of the neighbourhood and numerous photographs showing the exterior, interior and setting. High quality colour shots are a must and we use a professional photographer where required to make sure the presentation is absolutely right. 

 Choose the right estate agent 

Naturally, we hope that you will choose us to market your property as it is important to appoint a local agent who provides a comprehensive marketing service, has a knowledgeable team that are readily available and approach marketing property in an honest and transparent way. Remember selling a property can also mean selling a location and an agent who has little knowledge of local facilities or issues is going to struggle to achieve  a sale. We care about customer service as without you there will be no us.

Be honest 

You are more likely to sell your property if you have acknowledged any problem and reflected them in the asking price. Up front honesty will mean that a buyer will have less reason to reduce their offer or change their mind later. Taking an approach aimed at achieving a win-win situation for seller and buyer is nearly always the right one. At Premier Property Management our approach is to provide honest and open advice. Sometimes, you may mind this hurtful or may not agree but your interests are firmly at heart. A property will also not sell if it is over-priced and taking a realistic view on the guide price set and in response to marketing is key if a sale is to be achieved.